In Sales, Marketing, PR or any type of Campaigning your success depends upon how well you influence others to see your point of view. You may have lots of contacts, both individuals and groups, but where do you start? Where do should you focus? And who is most important to your success?

Influence Radar is a Free online tool that will help you visualise your campaign and your influence, so that you can see clearly who counts and why. In just a few minutes you'll be able to create a clear picture (we call it a Radar - see a demo radar here) that will allow you to focus on the most important people and groups. You'll quickly see where your campaign is strong, and where you need help. You'll recognise people and groups that you shouldn't ignore; and others that drain your time for little reward. Influence Radar is easy (see video) and secure, and free and fun too! Your 'Radars' and all the data that you enter, are private to you, and are only available to others if you choose to share them.

PS: We only support modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari , Internet Explorer 9 and 10.